'Ore Mines' Boutique Hotel
2019 - Serifos | Greece
Appointment: 2019
Completion: 2019
Location: Serifos | Greece
Status: Concept Design Completed
Architect: PEOPLE

The angled shape of the boutique hotel and villas mimics the surrounding hill peaks and reflect the extraordinary rugged landscape. Celebrating the natural beauty and richness of the region, the design for the new destination pays homage to the local Cyclades heritage through the use of traditional building forms and locally-sourced materials and indigenous planting.         

Serifos ‘Ore Mines’ comprises of 36 beautiful suites most of them with private pools, Lobby and living rooms, Restaurant and outdoor restaurant around the central pool and an outdoor pool for unforgettable experiences
Additionally, it has a well-designed wellness area with Body & Mind center, SPA and internal pool. The Outdoor recreation pavilions integrates the offering facilities.

The magic of place is a combination of unique environmental setting, activity and restful retreat. It is a place where guests have a wide choice of passive and engaging leisure experiences. 
Public spaces are designed with domestic scale and many lookout points, offering unmatched views to the sea and an intimate feel of exclusivity. Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed by well design sculpture inspired by the famed ‘ore mines’ and will cross the construction as a virtual passage towards a new stay and discovery.

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