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We produce creative solutions across the fields of Built Environment and Technology. Making use of the latest technology, we create the most innovative projects and products, pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be possible. Think beyond.

Built Environment

In a world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce and the future keeps posing more challenges, we are committed to learning and developing responsibly and sustainably. We always reflect on the built environment as a whole and employ rigorous research to ensure that we continue developing innovative strategies with a firm focus on the future of the environment.


Our team includes leading Architects, Landscape Architects, MEP engineers, Structural engineers, Environmental engineers, Designers and Project Managers. It is a close yet diverse team, which enables a truly unique integrated design approach; we share the latest technologies and research across platforms to benefit the whole team and the equally diverse stakeholders.




Our people

With offices in the UK, Greece, we are ethnically and culturally diverse integrated team attracting experts in their fields.

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"First and foremost we enjoy working with people: our clients, our contractors, our internal teams. We enjoy creating meaningful projects that bring value and joy to clients and users alike."
We don't start with finding an answer. We start by asking the right questions. Let us know if you have a question or a project that requires a solution.

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