O Villas Collection – Type S
On going - Messinia | Greece
Appointment: 2018
Area: 130 m2
Location: Messinia | Greece
Status: on going
Architect: PEOPLE
MEP Engineer: PEOPLE
Structural Engineer: PEOPLE

Embracing the beautiful landscape on which it lies with ideas drawn from the architectural traditions of the region, this residence’s shape has been designed to follow the area’s natural contours. This allows every room in the villa an unobstructed view of Navarino Bay. In order to emphasise the division between living spaces and private bedrooms, these are separated by water. The external spaces are equally spectacular: the pool, lower deck and sheltered yard.


Sustainable design principles are also at the heart of the architectural approach. The result is a complex which is not only energy efficient but also helps to regenerate the landscape.

Built from natural, sustainable materials, the rich organic palette creates a seamless relationship between the buildings and the landscape. Simple forms, great architectural synthesis and ergonomic design gives the feeling of continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, an illusion between built and natural environment.   

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