IVF Serum | Clinic
2019 - Metamorfosi | Attiki
Appointment: 2018
Completion: 2019
Location: Metamorfosi | Attiki
Status: Construction
Area: 2.500 m2
Architect: PEOPLE
MEP Engineer: PEOPLE
Interior Designer: PEOPLE

The new clinic is an exceptional sample of buildings redesign and renovation. The main objective of PEOPLE’s team was to design and create a new landmark in the wider area based on sustainable principles.

The old, four story’s office building was decided to change radically. The concrete cell, the stairs and the elevator cell were remained. The stairs separate each level of the building into two discrete spaces fact that made the redesign more challenging. Finally, for cost reducing and technical purposes it was decided to keep all the external steel frames.  

The ground floor transformed into the main space of the clinic with two discrete operations… the first one hosts the central clinic’s lobby, the café and a small restaurant with beautiful outdoor facilities.   

The second part is the heart of the clinic with the main operational surgeries, the doctors' offices and the main labs. great emphasis has been given to the spaces ergonomic design and of course the circulation among the separate rooms and operations.

In the basement are all the appropriate support facilities like labs, preparation rooms, a small gym and wellness rooms. All the MEP equipment and some parking slots are located in the basement too.

The first floor hosts the doctors’ offices and the medical rooms. Offices are around an impressive cell with consultation rooms and the waiting area. Marketing and accounting services are located in the second part of this level. 
Management offices, meeting rooms and some support services were located in the last floor.

The metamorphosis of the building external view was really challenging… a moving façade made by wide wooden beams into two separate strips with different footprint enfold the old cell giving a totally exceptional view. A lap pool with similar lines with façade and the beautiful landscape with paths, external installations and interesting planting integrates the metamorphosis of the building.

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