Iconic Amsterdam Bridge
2015 - Amsterdam | Holland
Appointment: 2015
Completion: 2015
Area: 2.000 m2
Location: Amsterdam | Holland
Status: Competition

Here, the commonplace act of crossing a bridge has been enhanced by the introduction of different routes which each serve to boost the sensation of moving over the river. On the gradual transition from the residential area to the museum, a narrow passage limits visual contact with the surroundings until a large open space is reached.

This journey emphasises the monumental scale of the museum, drawing visitors towards its entrance. The overall experience has clear associations with the water running below: it evokes hovering, submersion and emergence. A bridge to ideas, inspired by the very water it crosses.


A bridge to ideas, inspired
by the very water it crosses.

An open space with panoramic view is situated at the highest level of the bridge. The cafe and service dock of the museum are positioned at water level, acting as poles of attraction, tempting visitors to descend on its surface. The dock level is gradually submerged in the water, leading visitors through an underground passage to the welcoming atrium of the museum.

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