The Cubes
2020 - Athens | Attiki | Greece
Appointment: 2019
Completion: 2020
Type: Residential
Area: 800 m2
Location: Athens | Attiki | Greece
Status: in Progress
Architect: PEOPLE
Structural Engineer: PMA
MEP Engineer: PEOPLE
Lighting Engineer: PEOPLE
Project Manager: PEOPLE

‘The Cubes’ is an exceptional sample of urban architecture. In the heart of Athens, in a high-dense urban landscape, a very small plot is hosting a new 9-levels residential building that provides each unit with interior-exterior permeability within light and of course privacy.

As a consequence of its facade breakdown, the overall envelope expands beyond the limits of the bi-dimensional bulk and offers multiple stages for the residents to interact between them and with the street. The building mimics the feeling of a small community and brings into its design many opportunities for 'street scale' interaction.

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