The Matrix
2021 | ATHENS

‘The Matrix’ is a new residential complex located in Athens in a well-organized suburb with intense urban characteristics and high population density. As a consequence of its facade breakdown, the overall envelope expands beyond the limits of the bi-dimensional bulk and offers multiple stages for the residents to interact between them and with the street. The building mimics the feeling of a small community and brings into its design many opportunities for 'street scale' interaction… actually it mimics the sense of neighborhood! ‘The Matrix’ is an exceptional sample of modern urban architecture.

In the west side of the plot, there is an interesting listed small building. The new building was designed carefully to enfold the existing building and celebrate its unique architectural characteristics giving a sense of an integrated development.

The planted roofs, the green spaces around the building and the total MEP concept improves the total energy performance of the building and creates a sense of green oasis in a high dense urban landscape.

‘The Matrix’ hosts 42 two-and three-bedrooms apartments and one discrete residence. All the apartments are organized in five levels including the ground floor. The basement hosts the parking slots, auxiliary spaces and the playrooms of the ground floor apartments. All the ground floor apartments have private gardens as the roof top apartments private roof gardens.

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